Empty Sky 9-11 Memorial, Liberty State Park NJ. Dedicated to New Jersey’s 749 innocent loved ones who were violently and senselessly murdered that day at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in Shanksville, PA. Twin walls transect a gently sloped mound anchored by a granite path that is directed toward Ground Zero. The length of each wall is exactly equal to one side of the former World Trade Center Towers as the height of the wall reflects proportion of the former buildings if they were lying on their side. The seven hundred and forty nine (749) victims’ names from the State of New Jersey face one another on the interior elevations of the twin brushed stainless steel walls within easy reach. The walls channel visitors to the location in the Manhattan skyline where the former World Trade Center towers once stood.
Postcards-The Staten Island 9-11 Memorial. Dedicated on the third anniversary of the attack in 2004, the memorial features two fiberglass structures resembling postcards, perhaps being sent to lost loved ones. The memorial honors each victim with a profile on a granite plaque listing their name, birth date, and place of work at the time of the attack. This was the first major 9/11 memorial to be completed within New York City and frames the location across the water where the towers once stood.
Tribute in Light is a commemorative public art installation first presented six months after 9/11 and then every year thereafter, from dusk to dawn, on the night of September 11. It has become an iconic symbol that both honors those killed and celebrates the unbreakable spirit of New York. Assembled each year on the roof of the Battery Parking Garage south of the 9/11 Memorial, the twin beams reach up to four miles into the sky and are comprised of 88 7,000-watt xenon light bulbs positioned into two 48-foot squares, echoing the shape and orientation of the Twin Towers.
nj911memorial.org; visitstatenisland.com; 911groundzero.com; 911memorial.org/tribute-light
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