Walking the streets of midtown Manhattan at lunch I always look for unusual or interesting sights. Sure enough I see this young boy playing his violin in the scorching heat and sun of middle summer on 5th Ave. and 54 st. And he was talented. A conservatory student with aspirations to make it big. His idol is Joshua Bell, an American grammy award-winning violinist and conductor. He was there for a few weeks. His father was by his side keeping an eye on his son and making sure the stifling heat didn't get to him. I asked his dad how was it going. He told me it was his son's idea. So, three days a week, two 45 minute playing periods with a two hour break in between for each day! There was quite a bit of sweat under his cap and on his face. It was 90+ degrees outside and even more on the sidewalk where he was. His son was enjoying it and was collecting a good amount towards his conservatory training. Most people walking by made contributions. Those listening to music or absorbed with their phones didn't even noticed him. But that's New York City. I saw the two of them on 5th Ave. for two summers in a row. I hope he's gone on to the next part of his training and working hard on 5th Ave. in the middle of the summer is history! Good luck to you young man!
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